Immortalise your
loved ones
in an expressive


by Erna van Lith portrait artist

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You can tell
it’s been painted.

My portraits are typically life-sized and created using oil paint on linen canvas or with charcoal or ink on paper. I place importance on using bold, energetic brush strokes in my works so you can see that they are handpainted. This, along with the life-sized format, is characteristic of my style.

My well-crafted representations capture not only the likeness, but also the character of the sitter, giving the viewer the feeling of entering someone’s presence. Let’s discuss which characteristics define your loved ones and whether these are better expressed in a drawing or a painting: this enables me to create the best possible portrayal.

While working with a live model generally inspires me to grasp the essence of the subject, I’m happy to create a portrait from a photo if that is your preference.

Portraits from Erna van Lith

Erna van Lith in Sterren op het doek with a portrait of Adriaan van Dis 10 July, 2020
Photo: © Harm Jan Bronsvoord

About Erna van Lith

If you are considering having a portrait made of a loved one or yourself, it is inspired by the idea that a portrait is an immortalization with more depth than a photograph.

My meticulously crafted depictions not only embody the physical appearance but also the essence of the person portrayed, offering the observer an impression akin to being in their actual presence. I invite you to share the traits that epitomize your loved ones, to determine if these are more suitably conveyed through a drawing or a painting, ensuring the creation of an optimal representation.

Working directly with a live model typically enables me to capture the true spirit of the subject more profoundly. However, should you prefer, I am equally adept at crafting a portrait based on a photograph.